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Series on Christian Doctrine

In June, 2017, we’ll be starting a series on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. This series is based on the systematic discussion we followed in our 360 Degree Christian Sunday school class. My hope is that this blog series will become the curriculum for future classes. Here’s the plan: Introduction – Why learn about doctrine and theology? […]

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Welcome to the 360 Degree Christian website. Purpose The purpose of the 360 Degree Christian discipleship class is to provide the opportunity, training  and venue for becoming a 360° Christian. Successful 360° spiritual formation results in a mature, confident and outward-focused Christian character. 360° believers develop the foundation of a solid personal theology supported by correct biblical […]

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Welcome Grace Church Members!

The purpose and mission of the 360 Degree Christian discipleship training is to help Christians build a strong personal theology that is both holiness- and outward-focused. The holiness aspect is there because of the Great Commandment to love God and others completely and the outward aspect is there because of the Great Commission to make […]

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