Turn-Turtle Educational Media 2017 Church Technology Series

Turn-Turtle Educational Media presents its 2017 Church Technology Series of classes.

The mission is all that matters

The message is our mission and the mission is all that matters. We at Turn-Turtle Educational get that. Everything else is just a means to an end – the glorious end of seeing the Gospel shared with the world that “God so loved.” The “golden hour” of the worship service is sometimes all your church staff has to directly influence the lives of your congregation. You need to do the absolute best you can with the time and resources available. And as your members become more discerning, you have to face the fact that excellence will be required, if not demanded of you as church leaders.

The media is not the message

With over four decades of teaching and ministry experience Turn-Turtle Educational Media is well aware that a lot goes into making church ministries effective, impactful and engaging. To that end, multimedia has become much more powerful as a means of informing and transforming the lives of the people God has given us. However, the media is not the message, and so it cannot become the focus of what we, as pastors and teachers do. While excellence is certainly required, it must be an unassuming excellence, one that draws no attention to itself. Achieving a balance between creativity, technology and effectiveness is not easy. This is where we think we can help.

Turn-Turtle Educational Media, in partnership with Nazarene Bible College, will be offering a variety of training opportunities as part of our 2016 Church Technology Series. This collection of one-day intensive classes are designed to move your pastors, teachers and technology teams toward a mastery of the media tools and technologies they can use to get their message across.

To start of this season, we would like to invite you and your ministry team members to attend any or all of our three introductory seminars free of charge. Each seminar is two-three hours long covering topics of interest to churches of every denomination. You’ll find the list of these seminars at http://turn-turtle.com/church-technology-series/along with instructions on how to sign up.

We sincerely hope that we can be of service to you. If you have any questions, please visit our website at turn-turtle.com or call us directly at 719-999-5399. We look forward to hearing from you. And as always, we remain –


His Servants, and yours

Turn Turtle Educational Media

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