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The purpose of the 360 Degree Christian discipleship class is to provide the opportunity, training  and venue for becoming a 360° Christian. Successful 360° spiritual formation results in a mature, confident and outward-focused Christian character. 360° believers develop the foundation of a solid personal theology supported by correct biblical knowledge. The training comes full-circle when 360° Christians display the desire, skill and confidence needed to start the process anew by creating and training new disciples themselves.

Class members should click on the Membership Options link at the top of the home page. Once there, click on the login link. There is no need to register if you use the credentials provided in class. If you are not a member of our class at Grace Church of the Nazarene (www.csgrace.org) you are still welcome to register.

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Welcome to the private portion of The 360º Christian website. Since you have been validated as a church member, you have access to all the downloadable resources.


Please remember that most of these resources are copyrighted and must not be distributed to anyone for any reason. Please forgive us for sounding “legalistic” but this really is a legal issue. There is no organization, person or reason that provides an exception to the distribution rights granted us by the publishers. Resources you download from this site are for your personal use only and may not be duplicated or distributed in any way.

All downloads are tracked by user so that we can purchase licenses for additional copies when necessary. To adhere to copyright agreements and laws, please refer anyone interested in having a copy of these resources to this site to register for membership. Once registration is approved, they will be given access to all resources.


There is no cost to members for the resources we make available. However, we encourage and gladly accept donations to offset the cost of providing this service. In case you are wondering, the cost of providing these resources to a single member is about $11.  A donation in that amount is greatly appreciated. Additional donations go to providing free membership to those who are interested in the program but lack the funds to make a donation themselves. Use the Contact Us page to ask how to make a donation.

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